Angel Urns

Peaceful Memories with Angel Cremation Urns

Angel urns are surely among the most majestic, the most beautiful, and the most ornate of cremation urns. Angel urns not only highlight the gentleness and sensitivity of the departed, but also the beauty of his or her soul. Angel cremation urns are not only beautiful though, they are also a wide variety available. Of all of the religious urns for ashes available in the markent, angel urns are amongst the most sought after.

For the angel lover who was also a sports fan, there are sports angel cremation urns. Here intertwined are the loveliness of a typical angel urn and the seriousness of the departed’s love for his favorite sport. These angel cremation urns feature an angel escorting the departed up to heaven, holding in his hands the tools of his favorite game, as if to assure him, “Yes, they play your favorite sport in heaven too!”

Angel urns offer a memorial that encompasses sensitivity and comfort

For a more classical angel lover, there is the “Angel’s Embrace Cremation Urn.” This angel cremation urn can come in either a shapely bronze or as an artistically painted angel, wrapped around a marble urn. Both are beautiful, solemn, and awe inspiring. This angel urn also casts a reflective tone, filling loved ones with hope that an actual angel is at this moment escorting the departed up to heaven.

The “Veneration Angel Urn” is very contemplative. This angel is reflecting on how the departed made the world a better place, and hoping that the livings have learned something from his example. At the same time, she thinks, heaven will now be a little grander with the departed dwelling there. This is a great angel urn for one leaving behind a legacy with big shoes to fill.

A child’s angel urn, made of porcelain, captures especially the gentleness and light that was in his heart. Most of these child angel cremation urns have a female angel with a small child on her lap, as they sit on a cloud in heaven, resting there for all of eternity. The departed child will surely be in good hands in the afterlife, the angels are there to protect him. This angel urn is also among the most lifelike, down to the braids in her hair, her necklace, and the curves in her tunic. Not only that, friends and family will also enjoy the fact that her wings, laced with beads, seem to put off a glow. Also comforting is the guardian angel urn. Made of a stylized polystone, this angel cremation urn features a male angel, taking the departed under his wing ready to escort him into eternity. In his Divine Comedy, Dante had Virgil and Beatrice as his guides. So likewise, the departed will have guides in heaven as well, as he inherits his reward, and discovers all of its majesty.

Giving a more descriptive picture of the heavens is the “angelic presence cremation urn.” This angel cremation urn comes in a porcelain vase, and features an eager looking angel, waiting for the departed to enter heaven. Once he does, a celebration will surely begin in honor of a life well lived.

Angelic cremation vessels will offer a sense of peace in knowing an angel is standing guard over a loved one

For loved ones who want to keep a piece of the departed with them, there are also an abundance of angel cremation jewelry urns to choose from. One of the most beautiful of these angel cremation urns, which comes in sterling silver, features a majestic looking angel soaring above the clouds and into heaven, as she tilts her head to the side in order to maneuver her wings “hard to starboard.” Loved ones of the departed get a real sense from this angel cremation urn of the unabated joy that heaven has waiting for the departed.

Offering a completely new perspective is the “angels in flight” cremation urn. These angel urns feature the wings of angels, and the lines that they leave in their wake. These angel urns make the imagination soar to their heights, and will fill the living with a sense of deep wonder.

Since all dogs go to heaven, there are also dog angel cremation urns for Scruffy as well. One of these features a gentle angel petting a dog. The departed canine will not be alone in eternity; he will have a heaven full of friends who love him, and surely just as many toys and treats. Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and an angel cremation urn is a fitting tribute to that life of service.

These are but a few of the options to choose from when it comes to angel cremation urns. If the departed was a lover of angels, there is sure to be an angel urn to fit his personality. Earth’s loss is heavens gain, and today the departed is rejoicing with the angels in paradise. An angel cremation urn is a commemoration of how much the angels loved the departed’s life, and the good things he did for humanity.