Religious Urns

Angels Can Bring Comfort With Eternal Peace

Religious urns are, perhaps, the most special of all urn styles. By focusing on the love-filled after-life offered by religions, religiously themed cremation urns are an especially comforting way of memorializing a loved-one. These spiritual vessels perpetually invoke that often-used funeral reminder, “Your loved-one is in a better place today.”

Religious urns offer comforting designs that honor those who are devoted to a religion

Much more than the traditional storage container for a loved-one’s cremation ashes; religious urns are reminders of the eternal peace that awaits all religious souls. Religious urns are beautifully designed to capture the everlasting, heavenly spirit that surrounds all Earthly things, and families who memorialize their loved-ones with religious urns can take comfort in knowing that their cherished memories will be remembered, along with their loved-one’s soul, forever.

While religious cremation urns are designed to capture the undying, loving spirit of all religions, they are also carefully built to allow families to participate in all of the history of traditional urns, a popular way to memorialize the dead for centuries. Religious urns often follow molds established by any number of ancient peoples. The Ancient Greeks, for example, made cremation urns from a special type of urn called a lekythos, which is a timeless design still used today.

Just as with all urns, religious urns can be elaborately decorated to bring back the memories and emotions that have inspired a number of great urn-related literary works over the centuries. Fans of John Keats’s famous piece “Ode to a Grecian Urn,” to name just one classic example, will see that the poem can be said to be referencing religious urns as readily as their traditional cousins.

Religious urns are specifically decorated and designed according to important religious themes. They often invoke the timeless themes of love, heaven, spiritual unity, and eternal beauty. Crosses, praying hands, and angels are typical components of the design of religious urns. Angels particularly have long been a powerful symbol that many like to incorporate into the final remembrance of their loved one. Angel memorial tributes can express the notion that the lost loved one, as well as their survivors, are always protected by a heavenly power. It only makes sense that cremation urns featuring these ethereal figures have become more and more sought after.

Religious individuals and their families will take comfort in the appearance of a religious cremation urn

Religious urns, just as with all urns, are available in an amazing number of materials and styles. Religious urns can be made of marble, wood, glass, bronze, metal, or ceramic, and religious urns are typically personalized with particularly appropriate scenes and symbols that capture the undying, precious soul of the deceased.   The decor of religious urns is typically design to promote for eternity the religious spirit of the person memorialized. This, accordingly, helps religious urns assure that priceless family memories remain alive for generations.

For centuries, people of nearly every culture have found special ways to symbolically escort their dead into the beautiful afterlife. Religious urns offer a wonderful way to participate in that age-old tradition. Religious urns have long served the double duty of preserving the memory of the individual memorialized and, perhaps even more importantly, assuring loved-ones that the memorialized, religious soul lives on forever. Religious urns are, accordingly, among the most complex, beautiful, memorial tools the world has known, or ever will know. Though they have the same basic purpose of traditional urns, religious urns can be infinitely more meaningful.