Nature Urns

An Urn Made from a Natural Material

As the interest in living a Green lifestyle becomes more and more prevalent across America and the world, nature urns are following the trend. Nature urns are special pieces that accommodate the environmental benefits of cremation precisely. Cremation is proving to be the preferred choice of an ever increasing number of people who cite a strong concern for the long-term health of Earth’s environment, and for these people, nature urns are a logical choice. The use of biodegradable and sustainable materials for nature urns can prove to be exceedingly comforting for those who live life with the recycling mindset, but nature urns do not stop there. Some of the most beautiful nature urns available simply take advantage of materials that will last for ages (in other words they are not necessarily biodegradable) but which are from strictly natural sources such as granite or marble.

Nature urns can be created from biodegradable or even re-purposed materials

Biodegradable urns are perhaps what come to mind most readily when one thinks of nature urns. These versatile pieces are made from wood or even a strong card stock (paper), and they are intended to break down in the elements after burial. These relatively new arrivals in the constantly changing, surprisingly creative world of memorials have proven to be popular with people who might have – in days gone by – opted for a traditional scattering of ashes. By burying ashes (or sinking them at sea) in a biodegradable urn, families can create a special place in which loved ones can visit for years to come when they want to remember the special times they shared with the deceased. This is an important part of the grieving process, experts admonish, and it is not always available for family members of those who have chosen to have their ashes scattered from the air – as many who are concerned about the environment choose to do. By opting for a biodegradable nature urn (which are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs and styles) a person can achieve a great number of environmental benefits while also establishing a fitting spot for a beautiful memorial.

Natural urns are also available in a large variety of meticulously crafted designs. Many wood urns, for example, feature elaborately carved scenes of nature: mountain scenes, beach scenes, fishing scenes and others such visions of comforting beauty. These natural urns, sometimes made from hard wood, have the natural advantage of being eventually biodegradable – unlike their metal counterparts that may take thousands of years to break down completely – while also being nicely suited for long-lasting indoor display. Many of these natural urns are buried immediately after a memorial ceremony, but still others are displayed for decades in private residences – with the comforting knowledge all along that the urn will eventually return to its natural roots once it has served its memorial purpose to its fullest.

Nature cremation ash urns honor a love for our environment

Some natural urns are made of sustainable materials, such as bamboo or even sea grass. These materials are often harvested from farms that specialize in growing the material, so that it is not taken from a natural habitat, which could affect the wildlife in that area. On the other hand, some urns are made from reclaimed materials. The tree stump urn above, for example, is made from logs of wood that were once used for other purposes, such as buildings or even power poles. The logs are bought and cut to size, and then an artist carefully shapes the surface so that it resembles a natural bark. This type of urn is perfect to capture the memory of any outdoor lover or person who was well known for using all of the resources they had at hand.

And still other natural urns are made entirely from natural stone such as granite. These beautifully crafted pieces can be molded and sculpted into just about any timeless shape or design. Granite has been a natural material for urns – and other memorial products – for years, even centuries. Nearly every year, in fact, scientists uncover new natural urns of granite and other natural stone material that have securely stored the remains of people from by-gone eras. These discoveries are especially comforting for modern-day people who want to preserve their precious family legacies for the centuries to come. That the Earth’s natural substances can be shaped into such a long-lasting natural urn is one of the marvels of the world that will hold true for as long as the planet spins.