Ceramic Urns

Elegant Memorial Urn Designs & How they are Made

Ceramic urns have been a main staple of traditions surrounding death in many cultures throughout history.  From the time of the ancient Greeks to today, these vessels have been used to forever protect the ashes of lost loved ones. Ceramic urns are ideal for display indoors, whether it be in the home or in a columbarium. Regardless of where it is placed, it will add a touch of timeless beauty that is as elegant as it is unforgettable.

The hand made nature of ceramic cremation vessels offers a way to capture a unique personality

Because of the artistic nature of these vessels, they offer a wonderful way to showcase a loved one’s personality. There are countless glaze-options under the sun, than can make a vessel anything from bright and colorful, to somber and respectful. Ceramic cremation urns are made through many different methods ranging from hand-building to being thrown on a pottery wheel – which is what many think of when they think of ceramics. Ceramic urns can be fired into any number of shapes, and they often take the form of beautiful, elegantly sculpted vases or boxes that can pay lasting tribute to the people they honor. These urns are often hand-crafted, giving them a truly personal touch and uniqueness, that reflects the individuality that we all posses.

Many families take comfort in the fact that ceramic is an extremely resilient material, which can – when properly cared for – last for generations, if not centuries. It is well known that archeologists have found shards of pottery that date back to the beginning of our collective history. While many pieces may be just shards, some of the most important finds are that of the urn, used to house the remains of a lost loved one. In Grecian history, the lekythos was a ceramic vase used as an urn, which was placed in columbarium-like areas along with other vessels. Protected by a ceramic urn, a loved-one’s the memories can last about as long as the Earth itself.  It is for this reason that ceramic urns may be most attractive for those wanting to preserve their loved-one’s legacy for as long as possible.  

Ceramic urns are offered in a great number of shapes, sizes and styles

Ceramic urns are commonly found in a vase shape, like that of a traditional urn. With this shape, ceramic urns allow families to participate in the centuries of traditions that urns have inspired. The traditional urn’s shape, for example, has brought forth a number of great literary works, including John Keats’s “Ode to a Grecian Urn,” which classically relates the unique d├ęcor of almost every funeral urn ever made to mankind’s eternal struggles with mortality. (That poem, by the way, is said to not be about one particular urn, so it could very well apply to a ceramic urn as to any other style of urn.)

Whatever the shape, ceramic urns are all crafted with the greatest of care. Ceramic urns require a craftsman’s special touch and they are often formed from techniques that are hundreds (or possibly even thousands) of years old. This connection with age-old traditions assures that ceramic urns always have a timeless quality that is crucial for a lasting memorial. Timeless production processes, along with artwork that will surely stand the test of time, are what make ceramic urns an excellent choice for many people wanting to give their loved-one’s memories a special touch.

Ceramic urns are a truly timeless and elegant way to store the final essence of a loved one, as well as keep their memory live for many generations to come.