Green Urns

Green Burials and Green Cremation is “In”

In the past 3 decades or so, Americans and those around the world have come to a new consciousness when it comes to preserving the environment. This mindset has also permeated the way that many people view urns, and has lead to green urns. Green urns come in a wide variety of options, and can easily match or even exceed the beauty of other urns, while still helping sustain our natural surroundings.

A green ash vessel can feature a number of materials and designs

One of the most fashionable of green urns comes as a hardened sand shell. This green urn is amazingly translucent, as light shines radiantly through a veritable rainbow of colors. This green cremation urn also biodegrades within hours, making it as though the departed was allowed to do one last favor for the world by replenishing the circle of life.

There are also beautiful ceramic green cremation urns come in a Japanese style, with a glazed style, and writing down the center of it. These green funeral urns have a simple elegance about them as they perfectly fuse traditionalism with modernity. This is needless to say, also a great green urn for one who enjoyed travelling, and went on many adventures during his lifetime.

Terracotta green funeral urns seem to practically glow, with their bright colors of orange, green, and Navy blue. These are the perfect green cremation urns for one who had an eye towards the future. Many of these also come with beautiful designs, such as a vine of lilies, violets, and roses.

Especially descriptive are the scattering green urns. These green cremation urns bare all sorts of images, from Army green camouflage, which is perfect for a veteran, to a golf course, which would, needless to say, make an excellent choice for the golfer. For those who simply loved the quiet beauty of nature, there are also an abundance of serene images available to be placed on a green urn.

Since ancient times, when it was the burial of choice for heroes of war and successful athletes, one of the most coveted burials ever has been at sea. Now, there is a green urn to fit this longstanding desire. Available in a number of different colors, “Journey,” green cremation urns, made of a stylized plastic, is designed to float for a moment, and then gracefully sink to the bottom of the sea. Now the departed belongs to the ages, as his ashes fill the sea, returning its favor of nourishing him while he was alive.

Green urns will help preserve our world for our future generations

A Himalayan salt green cremation urn is also beautiful. With their sharply defined features it is hard not to marvel at the fact that they are made of salt, as opposed to porcelain or marble. From salt deposits over 250 million years old, they are among the purest on earth. Loved ones will surely consider this, and then remember what a pure heart the departed had.

For the lover of gold, there is also a green urn to fit his needs. This green cremation urn is painted to resemble the beauty of that fine substance, but comes in unfired clay that can disintegrate in 15 minutes. This is definitely a green funeral urn for one who had an eye for beauty.

Many people also purchase green urns made of cardboard. Similar to a shoe box or a Christmas present, this green funeral urn is very easy to scatter. Not only that, they have the appearance of being made at home, which for many, adds to the sentiment. This green cremation urn also comes with a place at the top for a picture, which will further connect loved ones with the departed, and serve as an attractive part of the funeral service.

Probably the most ornate green urn is the “Aquatic” urn. This green cremation urn comes in a peaceful blue with waves that seem to blow over its midsection. Another advantage to the Aquatica green funeral urn is that it takes 3 months to disintegrate, which will both help the planet by allowing the circle of life to continue, and allow loved ones a long goodbye.

For some, simplicity is everything. For them, there is the bamboo green cremation urn. One example to this green funeral urn is that it is made from 50% recycled materials. Appropriately, many of them also have ornate wooden carvings on the side of nature related images, from leaves, to vines, to trees. This green urn for ashes also comes with a candle on top, which can be like an eternal flame. The departed will never completely fade away, and this is a green urn for ashes that need not do so either. It can occupy a prominent place on any mantle for generations to come.

Green cremation urns for ashes are also available for pets. The hemp pet urn, for example, makes it easy to scatter the ashes of a departed four legged friend. Or, because it has a place on top for a picture, it can also be kept in the house as well, so that a part of the animal will always stay behind, to guide his owner in all of the important decisions of life.

Green cremation vessels can be made to accommodate a land or sea burial

One of the most original green ash vessels has to be the “Acorn.” Gaining popularity in the UK, this green cremation urn is a good representation of that seed, with the stem as the top. This green funeral urn is at the height of modernity, and comes in a variety of different earth tone colors, such as green, red, and white.

For one who wants it all, and cannot seem to make up his mind whether he wants a coffin burial or a cremation, there is also a green urn for ashes made to look like a coffin. Larger than many other green urns, this one can serve the basic needs of a coffin during the funeral service, and also has all of the affordability and earth friendliness of a green urn for ashes. Who says there is not something for everyone?

For a decidedly Native look, there is the “Peaceful Isle,” green urn. This green urn for ashes is made of virgin palm, and contains ornate designs. One could easily believe that these green urns came out of paradise, where the departed now resides.

Along these lines, the “Sand Castle” green cremation urn. As the ashes are spread, this green urn will allow loved ones to think back to better days, of walks on the beach, surfing, and of course building sand castles. It would be hard not to smile a little when one sees this urn.

With so many options to choose from, it is easy to see how a green cremation urn combines environmental friendliness with intrinsic beauty. Green cremation urns also add a poetic note to cremation, since, in effect; the deceased will live on through the circle of life.