Companion Urns

Husband and Wife Urns Will Keep Loved Ones Together For Eternity

Companion Urns offer a unique twist on the spiritual, timeless nature of traditional urns for ashes. This is because they offer couples an opportunity to be side-by-side perpetually, making companion urns a popular choice for many families. Companion urns are designed with at least two compartments for ashes and, accordingly, create the comforting proximity that makes this style of urn most special. Companion urns allow parents, grandparents and other couples whose love kept them side-by-side for years to be remembered for generations to come as that everlasting, inseparable pair.

Companion Ash vessels honor the love of a lifetime

Certainly much more than just larger versions of traditional cremation urns, companion urns are carefully designed to be a unique memorial to the couple and to the individuals that make the special companionship. Companion urns come in a wide variety of styles and designs, all of which have a goal of perpetually preserving the precious family memories that any couple inspires.

Companion urns can be as unique as the couples for whom they are intended to memorialize, but they are also carefully built to allow families to participate in all of the history of traditional urns, a popular way to memorialize the dead for centuries. Companion urns often follow molds that are reminiscent of any number of ancient cultures, such as the Ancient Greeks who made cremation urns from a special type of urn called a lekythos.

Like all urns, companion urns are usually elaborately decorated to bring back the memories and emotions that have inspired a number of great urn-related literary works over the centuries. Fans of John Keats’s classic poem “Ode to a Grecian Urn,” for example, will relate as well to companion urns as to their smaller cousins.

Urns that hold two sets of remains may have one or two compartments

Like traditional urns, companion urns can be designed and decorated to follow important religious, military or family themes. They often invoke the timeless themes of love. Interlocking hearts, for example, are often a part of companion urn designs. Other companion urn designs can be reminiscent of everlasting works of literature and scenes of natural beauty.

Like all urns, companion urns can be made in a wide variety of materials and styles. Companion urns can be made of wood, bronze, metal, marble, glass, or ceramic and companion urns are particularly appropriate for memorializing a loved one because they can be personalized. The decor of companion urns can speak volumes about the couple and family that the couple has brought forth. This, accordingly, helps companion urns assure that precious family memories stay alive for generations to come.

For centuries, people of nearly every culture have used urns to memorialize their loved ones. Companion urns have long served the double duty of preserving the memory of both the individual along with the, perhaps even more important, spiritual qualities of the couple that has pledged eternal love. Companion urns are, accordingly, among the most complex, beautiful, memorial tools the world has known, or ever will know. Though they have the same basic purpose of traditional urns storing the ashes of the deceased companion urns can be exponentially more meaningful.