Eagle Urns

Call of Freedom with An Eagle Urn

Whether the departed was career military, an employee of the Federal Government, or simply a well meaning patriot, who valued the freedoms given to him in the Constitution, eagle urns are a fitting tribute to any proud American.

One of the most majestic eagle cremation urns comes in porcelain, and features a flock of eagles sailing high above a seashore and lighthouse. Loved ones can take comfort that now the departed is now just as free, as he soars confidently through heaven. These eagle urns are perfect for one who loved liberty and also had an artistic streak to him as well.

A more stoic eagle cremation urn is the “Soaring Eagle” urn, which features a more close up look at the proud bird as he wraps himself boldly around a white urn. The departed always showed a flair for unmitigated confidence, even in the worst of times. This eagle urn celebrates his unflappable nature.

Eagle cremation urns offer the perfect final remembrance for both the patriotic and outdoor lovers

The patina golden eagle urn has an almost legendary quality to it. Giving eagle urns a unique spin altogether, they remind one of the many legends of antiquity regarding these majestic birds. These eagle cremation urns, made of brass, practically breathe classicism, and are perfect for one who loved history.

Many believe that the deceased can still speak to the living. Those that hold to this conviction will find the keepsake eagle urn especially appealing. This eagle urn comes as a miniaturized version of the patina in a beautiful velvet box. This is as close as one can come to “saving time in a bottle.”

Similar to this is the chrome eagle urn. With its intricate designs, and glowing appearance, this eagle cremation urn resembles the fine silver plate ware that the departed loved to use as he instilled a love for America in his children and grandchildren after a fine meal. It is also perhaps the best eagle urn to capture the awesomeness of an eagle as he unfolds his wings, which seem practically a mile wide. Words cannot do justice to the amazement loved ones will have when they see these eagle urns in all of their glory.

For the refined eagle lover, there is the carved eagle cremation urn. Made entirely of a stylish walnut, this eagle urn bares a carved eagle head looking confident and bold. The departed left a long legacy that he too can be proud of.

For the eagle lover proud who is proud of his military service, and had a knack for wood carving, there is the “Military Cremation Urn.” This eagle cremation urn shows a kingly looking eagle surveying the beautiful mountain forest that he is lord over. Like the eagle, the departed was a natural leader, whom others could look to with confidence and pride.

Eagle cremation urns capture the majestic qualities of nature

The sandstone “American Eagle” urn shows an eagle looking towards the flag. All veterans, especially those who served in a foreign war, know how priceless the American flag is, and often tear up as they pledge allegiance to it. This eagle urn commemorates just how important the departed’s service to his country was. Loved ones will also be glad to know that there is plenty of room on it to honor their loved one with their own words as well.

The Bible teaches that those who wait upon the Lord will be lifted up on wings of eagles. If the departed was a devout Christian, he will be well represented by “eagle wings” cremation urns. These eagle urns come in a beautifully crafted ivory, with an appearance similar to a jewelry box. This is an eagle cremation urn that is sure to be a family heirloom for years to come.

Showing the awesome power that an eagle has in his wings is the silver eagle urn. With its reflective appearance, this eagle cremation urn makes it seem as though the eagle is flying with the sun at his back as he soars into the stratosphere. This eagle cremation urn is perfect for one who flew above reproach as he travelled through life. “Mountain Eagle Urns,” are perhaps the most descriptive. This eagle urn shows the majestic bird soaring above the mountains. For humans, these jagged cliffs might be challenging, but they are mere scenery for an eagle. When loved ones see these eagle urns, they will surely draw a close comparison with the departed’s vision and foresight. Even when everyone else saw just more mountains to cross, he looked to the sky, and found the “bigger picture.”

There are some loves that, like the eagle, seem to soar beyond time. For them, many of these eagle urns also come in companion style.

If the departed was brought to tears every time the National Anthem played, if he was an avid outdoorsman, or if he was able to see the “big picture” when no one else did, eagle urns are definitely for him.